ReasonRelay: Bindings for using Relay (GraphQL client) with ReasonML



I’ve published an initial, alpha version of bindings for using Relay with Reason that I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s not quite ready for production use I’d say, but I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts/getting feedback before the API is finalized and I start aiming at getting this production ready.

Most things work, the main thing holding this back right now is I’m waiting for a Relay release with some new APIs I need to make ReasonRelay support everything that normal Relay supports.

Anyway, enough blabbering - here’s the repo:

Thanks for your time!


Amazing work @zth!


@gabrielrabreu thank you very much! :smile:

I just pushed an example of building TodoMVC with ReasonRelay if anyone’s interested in seeing how this looks in practice: