REPL experience for Reason?


That’s pretty much it. OCaml has a REPL, so what’s the barrier to getting one for Reason? I’m a big fan of REPL-based development, and I know I’m not the only one.

I do see, but I was hoping for a CLI experience.


There is a Reason REPL, rtop. It’s published on opam. You can install it using opam (usual way–go to some opam switch, then opam install rtop). Or you can also install it ‘locally’ in each project with Esy (my preference, so I don’t have deal with switches).

However keep in mind that rtop will give you only the native OCaml/Reason modules, not the BuckleScript ones. For those there is no integrated CLI REPL.


Very cool thanks, I think it being native-only is still useful.