✅ Seeking guidance on odoc/bsdoc module linking on BuckleScript project


I am trying to generate API docs for https://github.com/reasonml-community/bs-webapi-incubator using https://github.com/reuniverse/bsdoc , and aliased modules are not linked properly in the doc output. I believe I am running into the issue described here: https://github.com/ocaml/odoc/issues/200 (‘Cross-module references don’t work’). Screenshot below.

Before I ask to reopen that issue, I wanted to check with the community: has anyone been able to use odoc and get aliased modules to link properly? I seem to recall someone mentioning using odoc with a hand-written script to generate docs, but I can’t recall where that was.


What is wrong in this screenshot?


The aliased modules are not linked. Here is another example of this https://reazen.github.io/relude/api/Relude_Js/


So for future reference, this is https://github.com/reuniverse/bsdoc/issues/1 . In short, bsdoc is not linking aliased modules together if they don’t have explicit interface files. I will try to look into it. Of course, if anyone else were to fix this, I wouldn’t be too bummed out :slight_smile: