Survey: what is the preferred minimal NodeJs version?


We want to make use some of the new features in recent NodeJS, in particular, some API like fs.copyFileSync (introduced in v8.5.0). Would it affect you if we require the minimal version to be 8.5.0 ?


The current maintaince LTS version (currently is 6.x).

But let’s be fair, Node foundation is supported by company and have a considerable large team. Bucklescript on the others hand doesn’t. So I believe the oldest active LTS is reasonable (currently 8.x branch)


Preferably 8.11.2+ since there are some popular npm packages are not compatible with anything lower than that. ( and come to mind).


So is v8.5.0 good to go? I want to unify the installation experience on all platform (by removing the usage of shell commands)


Hmm if that’s all you need, you can just use an polyfill instead? that would be eaiser and people won’t complaint later


Yes, we will provide a fallback option