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Hi everyone,
I have some experience with Ocaml and I’m just starting with Reason-React. Besides the obvious https://reasonml.github.io/reason-react/docs/en/intro-example, are there any good landing pages for finding up to date docs, tutorials and examples, where I can have confidence that I’m learning the right things? (Especially now that version 0.8 just came out.) The problem with a new and developing language is this uncertainty, that you can’t tell if the material that you find is still valid for the latest version or if it might be outdated and you will run in compatibility problems that as a newcomer you can’t identify as such, or you are learning stuff that soon someone will tell you to unlearn again.

Thanks in advance for any pointers,



So, ReasonReact had a great documentation overhaul recently, with the release of 0.8.0. As long as you don’t use the deprecated Record API, you should be fine.

With the exception of the blog on reasonml.github.io, both reasonml.github.io and bucklescript.github.io should be fine either.

We are however in the process to unify the above mentioned three documentation platforms into a single cohesive one: reasonml.org

It currently has all the content of the other three, but the search is not implemented yet. It also has better API docs for Belt and the Js module (for now), because the examples there are actually checked against the compiler.


Thank you for your answer!

Just to avoid any misunderstanding: you are talking about three documentation platforms, so you are counting the ReasonReact docs under https://reasonml.github.io/reason-react/docs/ and the ReasonML docs under https://reasonml.github.io/docs/ as two platforms, or is there another ReasonReact docs platform, that I managed to miss so far?

And thanks for the pointer to the deprecated Record API. First I didn’t know, what you mean, but I found it in the ReasonReact docs. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!




ReasonReact docs may live under the reasonml.github.io domain but it’s still a separate documentation platform, yes.