Updating bucklescript


Hello everyone.

I have an app with bs-platform 5.0.4 that compiles and works.

I tried updating bs-platform to 5.2.1 but then I get errors at compile time for some files :
xxx.re has a self cycle.

After this, if I try and go back to 5.0.4 in package.json, delete node_modules and run “npm install” again, I still get the errors.
But if I clone my app in a new folder (with bs-platforn 5.0.4) from git, it compiles again.

Do you know what can cause this?

I tried checking the bs version changes in github but dont see anything related to this.

Thanks by advance


Are you able to post a small reproducible example?


It may be because we add more strict checks so that in current package (with namespace), you can not use its own package name