Weekly ReasonML Letter


It seems, that Axel abandonded our lands and converted to alien Church of TypeScript.

So, my colleague Ryan and I decided to take the fallen flag and create Weekly Newsletter with main news about ReasonML and its ecosystem.

You can subscribe at: http://news.reasonml.online/
Or follow our twitter: https://twitter.com/WeeklyReason



I had to take it slower with ReasonML (money…). It’s good to see an active newsletter again.


BTW: What is Ryan’s Twitter handle, @gladimdim?


@rauschma, ye, we wanted to take fallen flag of Reason News :smiley:

My handle is: https://twitter.com/DmytroGladkyi, Ryan Tucker is here: https://twitter.com/RCTucker88.

Also, I did not expect you to be here. Otherwise, I would not make that joke about alien church :smiley:


Thank you for keeping this alive/resurrecting this Dmytro!


Any chance this could be published on RSS as well? :slight_smile:


I could do it :slight_smile:

Right now, I rewrite Issues page into ReasonReact and automate issue page generation. So maybe in a week or two I can look, how to generate RSS feeds.


I did it! https://www.reasonml.online/rss/feed.xml Sorry, for 2 weeks of wait.


Awesome! Subscribed :slight_smile:


Hi @gladimdim !
The link towards the newsletter subscription seems to be broken :frowning:


I believe @gladimdim has left Reason for the alien Church of Dart :wink: