Who is interested in a remote/online meetup/hacking sessions?


Hey @dmisdm. We did the last one about a month ago, so I want to meet again next Tuesday at 6:30 PM PT (unless I hear a preference for a different day/time). Evening on a weekday Pacific Time seemed to work pretty well… @rrdelaney, @gabrielrabreu want to meet again?

This time let’s do a demo/showcase, where someone shows something interesting they created or they are working on (could be more than one).


I’m in!


Yep in!


Reminder, in 6 hours
We’ll use the same link: https://zoom.us/j/9659022851

Does anyone have something to showcase? If so, I’d like to record the meeting for the benefit of anyone who wants to watch it later.
(I guess we could use google hangouts to record also, this was suggested last time. I’m just more familiar with zoom)