Who is interested in a remote/online meetup/hacking sessions?


I’m still getting my feet wet with Reason, and I’d love to do some hacking/learning/teaching with other people. The way I envision it is to get together on Zoom, spend a few minutes to get to know each other, and then do some hacking. This could be pair programming style, or working on separate code but hanging out together and helping each other along the way. A one-hour session would be ideal.

If you’re interested please comment here, or send me a message (maybe you can also include your timezone and availability). For example, I’ll start: I’m in US Pacific (PT), best times: 7-10 pm or 8-9 am, most days.


Sounds fun :slight_smile:

I’m good most weekdays from 6-10 pacific time


Nice idea. I’m available most weekdays 4-7:30 pm pacific time


Sounds great! I’d be available most days 7 - 10am pacific


Hey it’s great to see you in the Reason community! :wave: Are you still doing anything in Meteor these days?

I’d love to hack/pair on some stuff in the near future but i’m tied up with my company going through a tech accelerator so i’ll be unavailable for the next couple months. I’m available on the weekends from 12-10pm pst.


I’d possibly be in for this. I’m +9 GMT, so it’d probably be early am and that is dandy.


Great, I’m proposing 2 possible times (Pacific, PT) on 4 possible days to begin with:

Wednesday, August 1, , 8:00: AM
Wednesday, August 1, , 6:30: PM
Thursday, August 2, , 8:00: AM
Thursday, August 2, , 6:30: PM
Monday, August 6, , 8:00: AM
Monday, August 6, , 6:30: PM
Tuesday, August 7, , 8:00: AM
Tuesday, August 7, , 6:30: PM

To make it easier and minimize back and forth, I made a spreadsheet:

Please add your username to the date/times when you are able to make it (I will pick a couple times, 1 time in the morning and 1 time in the evening, to begin with). I’ll send you a message to confirm.

Hopefully we can repeat it on a weekly basis, or every-other-week, once we find good times.


I’m not using Meteor now, but Apollo and GraphQL. Still love the simplicity of Meteor!

Would love for you to join this sometime! Just to be clear, you’ll be available on weekends after the next couple months?


This sounds awesome, especially since there is not yet a Reason meetup in my area. I’m pretty flexible on timing (PST also), so I’ll wait and see what works for others.


Nice! Yeah I migrated our (Haven Connect’s) stack off of Meteor… though we’re still using it for auth/users for the time being. Yes, so most likely the middle of September onward i’ll be moving back to the bay area and back to a normal schedule. I may be able to sneak some week nights in there too.

That would be great to hack on some Reason stuff. I have a side project in Reason (crypto prices dashboard) and am will be working on another new smaller prod app in Reason as well.


I’m thinking of streaming Thursday August 2nd! I’ll be hacking on bsb-native :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m thinking of doing 6 to 8pm PST. Will announce on twitter probably. I’ll be doing some fun fun open source work


Nice. When will you know? I’ll try to remember checking twitter, if you don’t mind maybe you could post it here too?


I think this time it’ll be pretty boring, so I might not broadcast it to everyone haha. I wanna to give a feel for how boring the stuff I need to do is :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll ping you though!


@bsansouci If you’re streaming i’d love to scope it out too. I’m particularly interested in how people use the ML type system and general language style over entertainment :smile:


@bsansouci I’m interested too —even if it’s boring stuff!


Ok I’ll start a stream around 6:30pm 9pm PST! Feel free to drop by, I’ll be going over a lot of bsb-native stuff to make it easier to contribute to.

EDIT: Moved to 9pm sorry about that <3


I’m hosting the first online meetup tomorrow, Tue August 7 at 6:30 PM Pacific Time (that’s Wed morning if you happen to be in Asia).

It looks like I’ll be joined so far by @rrdelaney, @gabrielrabreu, @zploskey plus anyone else who wants to join.

Meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/9659022851

Add a like here if you want to be included for reminders for this or future remote meetups.

Let’s see how this goes!


Thanks for setting this up!! It was a ton of fun :grin: (even tho I had to come late and leave early :cry:)


It was great, let’s do it again some other day!


Missed it damn!