ANN: Esy development update


:loudspeaker: Small announcements wrt esy development

  1. esy can now be built from source via opam too. There is a Dockerfile using Alpine image to refer how to do this. This should help users on platforms where esy prebuilts aren’t available or don’t work

  2. esy uses Duniverse’s fork of opam-repository. If anyone wants to try vendoring the complete dependency graph using Duniverse, let me know. We won’t be checking in the vendored sources into the repo as of now, but it would definitely help us distribute esy on Linux distros

  3. esy prebuilts on Linux sometimes run into .so linking issue at the runtime - the Docker image could definitely be used to statically build an esy binary. Any help is appreciated. Be warned: static linking combined with the PIE/PIC policies, can be a rabbit hole. But happy to help if needed.

  4. MacOS 10.12 binaries are still being built as a part of the pipeline. If anyone is on older MacOS, help us test it so that we can release it for everyone.


Esy 0.6.8 has been released