Esy 0.6.8 has been released


Hey everyone :wave: ,

esy 0.6.8 is out on NPM!


  • Bug Fix: ocamlfind now to builds on >= 4.10.1000 to as expected.
  • Adds support for port number in package URLs. For example, git:git+ is now a valid URL for a dependency.
  • Bug fix: Unix signals are now relayed properly from the sandboxing wrapper (created by esy npm-release) to the real binary.
  • Adds --static option to esy release (also esy npm-release) so that sandboxing wrapper is statically built too.
  • Add support for git credentials, via ESY__GIT_USERNAME and ESY__GIT_PASSWORD, to fetch private repos.
  • Making esy buildable with Opam inside Alpine Docker Image
  • Bug fix: sources that are compressed without a root directory (multi root tarballs) are now extracted properly.
  • Bug fix: --npm-registry option accepts URLs with (and without) trailing slash
  • Bug fix: URLs with %3A are correctly parsed.

Full Changelog with all contributors duly credited -

As mentioned here earlier, this release saw a lot of internal improvements and an equally impressive number of bug fixes. Thanks everyone for contributing! The swift response from all the beta testers is really appreciated too :slight_smile:

Happy hacking